EPCC 13 - Technical Topics

1 - Impact of micro grids on transmission/distribution and market operations

  • Benefits and challenges of micro grids
  • Diffuse line of control and command (divergent training and system standards)
  • Conflict of interest among micro grids and system operators
  • Handling of large disturbances and restoration process
  • System observability and control
  • Challenges in load forecasting and system protection
  • Power quality impacts (higher harmonics, frequency excursions)

2 - Impact of super grids on system and market operations 

  • Benefits and challenges of super grids
  • Ensuring the system reliability. N-1 criteria?
  • Defense plan to avoid “super” large scale blackouts
  • Frequency support between asynchronous zones
  • Local voltage/reactive support using AC/DC converters
  • Required technical coordination
  • Mutual impact between gas and electricity markets

3- Exchange of data & models for reliable operation of large interconnected systems

  • Interaction between different parts of the system
  • Advantages/disadvantages of different operational infrastructure (hierarchical, peer-to-peer)
  • Coordination of models and databases; Common Information Model
  • Real time data standardization and data exchange
  • Other considerations (ownership, liability, reliability and resiliency, national security)

4 - Processing and presentation of large amounts of information for situational awareness and look ahead 

  • Big Data technology
  • Real-time operation and operation planning Big Data applications
  • Novel data analytics and data visualization methods for processing large streams of heterogeneous data
  • Drivers and barriers for Big Data applications at TSOs, DSOs, GENCOs
  • Experiences in other application fields

5 - Distributed Information Systems and Cybersecurity

  • Interoperability across operational and information technologies
  • Scalability and performance of information exchange models
  • Flexible computing platforms for power system control
  • Methods for real-time analysis of large amounts of data
  • The role of open data in power system control and operation
  • Methods for real-time cyber attack detection and mitigation
  • Designing for cybersecurity in power system control and automation

6 - Vendors Panel

  • Vendors will present most recent developments in software technology for control center application and data analytics
  • Presentations will be followed by Q&A sessions addressing vendors key challenges and other topics of interest including the impact of intermittent renewables on control center design and performance of system operators, interoperation of control center systems with substation automation and opportunities of big data analytics for the operational optimization.


EPCC 13 in Slovenia

May 17-20, 2015, Bled - Slovenia

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EPCC 13 in Slovenia

May 17-20, 2015, Bled - Slovenia

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