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13th International Workshop on Electric Power Control Centers

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Topic Time
Presentation Presenter Abstract
May 17, 2015
Welcome Reception
Day 1 - Monday, May 18, 2015
Workshop Opening 9:00 Opening Session D.J. Sobajic
Opening Remarks and Welcome Z. Marčenko
Session #1 9:30 Micro Grids N. Singh
Impact of Micro Grids on System Operations N. Singh  
Collaboration of Gigawatts and Gigabytes - Decentralized ICT for integrated energy system operation R. Apel  
Virtual Power Plants Control Center and its Impact on Power System Control Architecture N. Cukalevski  
10:30 Coffee Break
TSO's implement "Agile processes" to face challenges of RES and Market Coupling J. Vorrink  
Distributed Generation’s Impact on Italian Defense Plan and Restoration F. Isella  
Nice Grid, the first smart solar district demonstration project in Europe J-M. Moulin  
A Day-Ahead Regional PV Generation Forecast Applied to Micro EMS Y. Sasaki  
Efforts to Smart Grid in Mitsubishi Electric S. Kitamura  
12:30 Lunch
Session #2 14:30 Super Grids P. Panciatici  
Super Grids - Benefits and Challenges P. Panciatici  
GCC Interconnection Super Grid; Launch Pad of GCC Energy Power Market N. Al-Shahrani
Believability Evaluation of a State Estimation Result Boming Zhang
15:30 Coffee Break
HVDC Interconnectors - Benefits and Challenges O. Gjerde  
On-Line Dynamic Assessment of Transient Stability and Low-Damping of Large-Scale Power Systems H.-D. Chiang  
Fast stability monitoring algorithms for large set of PMU signals M.
NYISO Situational Awareness Dashboard D.J. Sobajic
PMU-based Wide-Area Protection-System. - Concept and application in a large longitudinal transmission system U. Kerin  
Monitoring of Robust Power System Security - Computation of Feasibility Margin of Power System Operation against Uncertainties N. Yorino  
18:00 Session Adjourned
19:30 Banquet Dinner
Day 2 - Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Session #3 9:00 SCADA/EMS A. Bose
Exchange of Data and Models between Control Centers A. Bose   Presentation
Transformation of the Grid – An Efficiency Perspective K. Moslehi   Presentation
Toward On-Line SuperOPF Solvers and its Practical Applications H.-D. Chiang   Presentation
DSA with wind security tool and automatic curtailment suggestion U. Kerin   Presentation
10:30 Coffee Break
System Restoration Navigator Integrated with Operator Training Simulator S. McGuinness   Presentation
Dynamic Training Environment for Synchrophasor Applications J-M. Moulin   Presentation
Operator Training Simulator (OTS) logic development using LUA programming language scripts V. Donaduzzi  
From Smartgrid to Softgrid: Adding data analytics capabilities to the operational application landscape T. Borst   Presentation
12:30 Lunch
Excursion 14:00 Guided Tour
Postojna Cave & Dinner @ Ljubljana Castle
Day 3 - Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Session #4 9:00 Communications & Situational
L. Nordstrom
Communications & Situational Awareness: DSO or TSO issue? L. Nordstrom   Presentation
Processing weather and power grid data using advanced data analytics and GIS framework M. Kezunovic   Presentation
Advanced visualization strategies for network operation (including examples for 2D and 3D visualizations) S. Sander   Presentation
The Smart Grid Architecture Model (SGAM) and its application for information system design R. Apel   Presentation
10:30 Coffee Break
GoalArt System Proven During Outage P. Andersson   Presentation
Two level automatic voltage controller for southern California Edison M.
Key Technologies of Management Function Integrated into Real-time System in Distribution Automation System C. Sun   Presentation
Real-time and short-term forecast assessment og power grid operating Limits - SUMO G. Lakota   Presentation
12:30 Lunch
Session #5 14:30 Vendors Panel E. Cek
Totally integrated IT/OT framework for next generation DMS - SIEMENS K. Reisacher   Presentation
Recent developments in ABB software technology for control center and market applications J. Bujak  
EPRI Alarm Management Survey Results S. McGuinness   Presentation
15:30 Coffee Break
SCADA Lifecycle Management I. Kuijlaars   Presentation
New ELES SCADA/EMS - Features and Challenges E. Cek   Presentation
SCADA/EMS/AGC Refurbishment and Upgrade Project in Croatian TSO B. Golub   Presentation
Methods of defining generator synchronizing power and energy during low frequency oscillations P. Kovalenko   Presentation
Multi-Stage Network Processor for an Independent and Integrated HVDC grid Supervisory Control Architecture D. Babazadeh   Presentation
17:30 Closing Remarks
Workshop farewell with a snack & drink
D.J. Sobajic

EPCC 13 in Slovenia

May 17-20, 2015, Bled - Slovenia

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EPCC 13 in Slovenia

May 17-20, 2015, Bled - Slovenia

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