Technical Program

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

18:30 Welcome Reception  
Day 1 - Monday, May 15, 2017
Workshop Opening 9:00 Opening Session D.J. Sobajic
Opening Remarks and Welcome H. Vennegeerts
Session #1 9:30 System Resiliency J. Bujak
Impact of System Resiliency on Control Center Functions - An Architectural Approach K. Moslehi
Impact of System Resiliency on TSO processes and hardware J. Vorrink
Case-study of probabilistic risk assessment on the Icelandic power system S. Perkin
10:40 Coffee Break
Communication across control centres in emergency and restoration situations H. Heider
Towards probabilistic risk-management in power system operations E. Karangelos
Operational Aware Investments in Transmission Systems: Scenarios Generation, Security Analysis, FACTS Devices Installations for System Reinforcement V. Frolov
Grid restoration with future power plant structures A. Bernhart
13:00 Lunch
Session #2 14:30 System Dynamic Performance D. Sobajic
Real-Time Stability Monitoring Using Synchrophasors M. Venkatasubramanian
Power System Reliability Monitoring and Control for Transient Stability N. Yorino
Dispatch and Control System for Smart Grid: New Generation of EMS in China B. Zhang
Implemented Operational Functions of GCCIA HVDC toward Reliable and Sustainable Grid between GCC Member States H. Al-Zahrani
16:00 Coffee Break
Implementation of Real-time Operating Limit Assessment Engine  H.D. Chiang
Development of a Plug-in Type Synchronous Inverter for Grid Stability Enhancement Y. Sasaki
Next generation of transmission grid control centers P. Panciatici
PSTs as a tool in coping with new operational challenges within Continental Europe interconnection R. Paprocki
Detect the unexpected - Visual Analytics for next generation distribution and transmission control centers S. Sander
18:15 Session Adjourned
19:30 Banquet Dinner
Day 2 - Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Session #3 9:00 Distribution and Generation CC O. Gjerde
F. Martinez
Toward Online VAR Control for Optimal Voltage Profile H.D. Chiang
A novel Cloud-based Distribution Grid Management and Control System C. Köhler
Looking into the Future Protection, Automation and Control Systems R. Das
Statnetts on-going R&D activities and vision towards the next generation control centre S. Berlijn
DynaGridCenter: Monitoring and Control of Transient Behavior in the Transmission Grid A. Krönig
10:40 Coffee Break
The Distribution Control Center Operations, Enveloping Field Crews and Social Media G. Ockwell
Generation Company Control Centre IT Support Architecture for New Market Dominated Environment N. Cukalevski
Use of microgrids and DERs for black start and islanding operation J.A. Pecas Lopes
ADAPT for Active Distribution Networks H.D. Chiang
Modernization of EMS of Independent Power Transmission Operator of Greece D. Michos
13:00 Lunch
Excursion 15:00 Guided Tour
Heidelberg Castle / Dinner
Day 3 - Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Session #4 9:00 Big Data Technology Applications N. Singh
Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are watching Power Systems L. Wehenkel
Digital Transformation of Energy Systems - A holistic approach to digitization of utility system operations through effective data management T. Borst
Self-organization and autonomous functions in distribution substations interacting with next generation distribution control centers C. Rehtanz
The Application of Big Data Technology in the Power Dispatch Data Center of China South Grid F. Qian
10:30 Coffee Break
A Power Flow Description Language for Production Grade Power Flow Solvers L. Nordström
GoalArt Root Cause Analysis at HOPS, Croatia P. Andersson
Application of big data and advanced analytics for decision support - The iTesla/iPST platform P. Mack
Solving the challenge of Big Data Analytics on multi source data in the OT/IT systems of utilities J.-M. Moulin
13:00 Lunch
Session #5 15:00 Vendors Panel R. Apel
EMS-WAMS integration: The next step towards the EMS 2.0 R. Giovanini
Development of General Purpose Power System Transient Simulator L. Wang
Risk assessment of switching measures in electrical transmission systems A. Moormann
16:00 Coffee Break
Safe integration of DER in the transmission and the distribution grid A. Krauss
Smart Grid experience and transition to full-scale projects J. Bujak
Roundtable Discussion with representatives from EPCC 14 sponsoring companies R. Apel
18:00 Closing Remarks D.J. Sobajic

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