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In order to get an overview about the specific interests of our participants, please fill out the form below. Participants may present prepared discussions with the aid of PowerPoint slides. If interested please hand in the filled abstract template by april 15th.

Overview of technical topics

  • Topic 1: Impact of system resiliency on control center functions
  • Topic 2: Dynamic system performance monitoring and control
  • Topic 3: Next generation control centers/Generation and distribution control centers
  • Topic 4: Data modeling/Big data
  • Topic 5: Vendors panel

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Call for Participation

The call for presentations will start in November 2016.

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Registration & Accommodation

The 2017 Electric Power Control Centers Workshop (EPCC) will take place in beautiful city of Wiesloch, Germany.
Workshop registration and booking of hotel accomondation is starting in November 2016!

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For more information or to indicate your interest in participating in the Workshop please contact
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