International Steering Committee

T.E. Dy-Liacco (Founder) USA
D. Sobajic (Chairman) USA
R. Apel Germany
A. Bose USA
J. Bujak Sweden
T. Chehata France
J. Corera Spain
J. Giri USA
O. Gjerde Norway
K. Lakmeerharan South Africa
D. Michos Greece
L. Nordström Sweden
P. Panciatici France
C. Rehtanz Germany
C. Sabelli Italy
N. Singh Switzerland
J. Vanzetta Germany
L. Wehenkel Belgium
N. Yorino Japan
B. Zhang China

National Organizing Committee

Hendrik Vennegeerts Chairman
Sören Patzack Vice chairman
Martina Breitkopf Secretary

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Call for Participation

The call for presentations will start in November 2016.

Participation form

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registration and accomondation

Registration & Accommodation

The 2017 Electric Power Control Centers Workshop (EPCC) will take place in beautiful city of Wiesloch, Germany.
Workshop registration and booking of hotel accomondation is starting in November 2016!

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For more information or to indicate your interest in participating in the Workshop please contact
Dejan J Sobajic at
Hendrik Vennegeerts at